¿ Taeyoung Kim
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Բ ϴ 츮 츮 Բ !
濡 񿡼...

߾ ߾ؿڪ / ͺѦԳ / ͺ

̷Ӱ ϸ鼭 ƴϰ, Ⱦϴ óϱ⸦ ϴ, ׷Ƿ (Գ) . ⸦ ϰ,
ϰ , ѿ
, ϴ. ٽ ٸ ϸ, Կ ɷ ִ.
ӿ ߸, 㹰 . ̷ ! սô.

Water is most virtuous that it is beneficial to all nature and never dispute-from Dae De Jing (Lao-tze) Lets love water until the end of life that starts with water.